Price List

Site SizeSite Fees
Indoor 3m x 3m shell, Trevor Elliot Pavilion$1,070
Indoor 3.6m x 6m (3.6m front), Central Pavilion$1,070
Outdoor 9m x 36m(9m front)$1,240
Outdoor 9m x 18m(9m front)$1,170
Outdoor 9m x 9m(9m front$990
Livestock Display 3m x 3m(Sheep/Cattle/Horses)$550
General Interest Outdoor 4.5m x 9m(4.5m front)$635
General Interest Outdoor 4.5m x 18m(4.5m front)$660
The Shed 3m x 3m(3m front)$660
The Shed 6m x 3m(6m front)$1,110
Style Pavilion 3m x 3m(3m front)$660
Small Hay Bales - Straw$10/bale
Small Hay Bales - Lucerne$15/bale
Sheep Hire$3 head/day
Extra Exhibitor Passes$11 each
Extra Vehicle Passes (Not Available T.E.P)$28 each
Public Address Advertising (Orders close 06/10/17) 12 x 30 second package$130 each
Retention for 2018$220
Camping in designated area - must be self-contained$25 per night