Wether Trial

ANFD / Schute Bell Merino Wether Comparison Trial

The aim of the trial is to demonstrate the productivity of Merino sheep flocks under commercial conditions.

Twenty-seven participants entered teams of 10 wethers randomly selected from their flocks to run as one trial mob, with 25 teams shorn at nine months in June and the remaining at the 12 month interval in September.

The trial will run from 2015 to 2018, with nine month and 12 month wether teams measured for fleece weight, fibre diameter, wool value and assessed meat value.

The aim is to give a net value of production for each team, comparing the nine and 12 month shearing results within each team and between each entrant, along with providing a comparison within bloodlines.

At the shearing intervals, individual fleeces are skirted and weighed (greasy fleece weight) and given a type classification, this information is then used to calculate an average price from the previous week’s wool market on a clean wool basis.