The ANFD draws in people involved in the agricultural industry from all across New South Wales.
No matter your marketing objectives, we provide a flexible medium for showcasing your product.

Meet and Greet:

There is no denying that a large amount of sales are done over the internet. Which is why Australian National Field Days can offer you the to take part in what is now a unique opportunity where the buyer and seller can meet face-to-face.


Endless Opportunities:

Exhibiting at ANFD is the perfect chance for you launch a new product, look for distributors and maintain your customer relationships. ANFD will support any further promotional activitity. 

The Experience:


By choosing to exhibit at ANFD, you will be able to provide the full experience to your customers. They may ask questions, seek information, debate and even challenge your sales presentation. They can see, touch, hear smell or even taste your product, thus offering the full exhibiting experience where they can compare product features and benefits. 



Got a new product in the pipeline? The ANFD is the ideal venue for new product releases and services with local, regional and national media outlets on site for the entire three days.